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Chuks L. Iheke Accountancy Corporation provides a wide variety of accounting, tax, and financial management services tailored to meet the needs of our individual and business clients. Our professional accounting services are designed to make your job easier and provide you with more time to focus on building your business. We keep abreast of changes in federal contracting and tax law throughout the year to ensure that our clients stay compliant with federal procurements regulations as well as take advantage of ALL tax incentives.

To better meet the needs of our accounting and tax clients, we also have individualized services for small businesses. These services have enabled us to address clients’ industry specific challenges, compliance needs and industry standard tax practices.

Chuks L. Iheke Accountancy Corporation has a broad base of knowledge and solutions that will ensure your specific needs are met.

Where we take the monkey off your back, so you can get back to doing what you do best, Growing Your Business.



Let us organize and keep track of your income and expenses so you don’t have to.


We’ll keep you straight from payroll, sales, income and estimated taxes, we’ve got you covered.


Stop the spinning and start focusing your resources on areas that are paying off versus those that aren’t.


Since 1998 we have been providing payroll and bookkeeping services to small businesses. Our services are customized to meet each particular client’s specific needs. Our goal is to help you maximize your profits by maximizing your productivity!