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Hosting CT

Hosting Connecticut LLC website development company
Business: Hosting CT
Contact Person: Paula M. Pierce
Phone: (860) 683-4201
Website: Visit Website
Address: 1412 Windsor Station Drive
Windsor, Connecticut
Hosting CT

Hosting Connecticut offers all aspects of online business in one place; domain registration, web site design, web hosting, online marketing, e-commerce, merchant account setup and more.

Hosting Connecticut, LLC is a Windsor-based website development company, founded on January 1, 2003. It is certified as a Woman Owned Small/Minority Business Enterprise (SMBE) by the state of Connecticut.

Hosting Connecticut is a knowledgeable trustworthy company to which small business owners and non-profit organizations can turn to grow their business online and to address their questions and concerns with helpful information that the layperson can easily understand. There’s no intimidation or techno-babble that can plague people who use other tech companies. Here, there is just clear communication and genuine assistance.

Owner Paula M. Pierce’s goal is to run an ethical business. Often considered an oxymoron, ethics in business are a top priority to Pierce.

Hosting Connecticut

  • Makes it easy for small business owners to run a successful online business
  • Is a technology asset for owners of small businesses and organizations
  • Offers well thought-out advice so you can make the right decisions